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Once upon a time, two friends sat contentedly in their favorite little rock & roll bar.  Thin Lizzy was on the jukebox, the beer was cold, and cheap.  All was good.

But something nagged at them.  Something that had been bugging them ever since they careened around the corner marked "MIDDLE AGE AHEAD".   Namely this:

Where the hell was everyone? 


Why were they the only folks their age out on a Friday night drinking cheap beer, listening to Thin Lizzy and having fun?  Surely, they thought, there must be others like us out there.  Others who still feel like kids inside.  Others who want to get better as they get older, not lamer.  Others whose life plan for the years ahead is "DON'T GET OLD.  GET ROCK".

But where are they?

Then one friend turned to the other and said "I've got an idea"....

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to The Idea.



We founded The Rock and Roll Tribe because we know that there are millions of people out there just like us:  men and women in their 30's, their 40's, their 60's, their 70's, who are never going to buy into this whole "act your age" bullshit.  Who aren't prepared to give up rock and roll and -- more importantly -- rock and roll people, just because the date on their drivers license isn't considered the "right" demographic for music labels and media hipsters.


To hell with them - we plan on rocking for a long, long time.  Yep, they're gonna have to pry our AC/DC records from our cold, dead hands.


With us?  Ready to have some fun?  Ready to meet thousands and thousands of righteous people in your hometown and around the world?


Hell yeah you are!   So welcome, Veteran Rocker.  Your people are here.



A Message from JB & Bruce




Now here's a bit about us.....



Meet Bruce Brodeen. He’s a Leo. His hobbies include rocking, being around other people who are rocking and bitterly complaining about people who are not rocking when, by all rights, they should be. In 1994, he founded an independent record label called Notlame Recordings and released more than 100 CDs, including works from The Posies, Jellyfish, Tommy Keene and Dwight Twilley. Like everyone else who ever started an independent record label, Bruce became fabulously, fabulously wealthy from his endeavors. At least that’s what the kids in his son’s 3rd grade class were told on “Take Daddy to School Day”.


Bruce grew up in Boston, Mass and, as a youngster, witnessed some of the first US gigs of both The Clash and The Police — which, you gotta admit, is pretty freakin’ awesome. Or even “wicked awesome” as a young Bruce might have said.


Bruce has a theology degree, which has really come in handy.


You can reach Bruce at




This plucky fellow is Jon Bard, or “JB”. My, doesn’t JB look ready for some fisticuffs!


JB is the host of “The Rock & Roll Clubhouse”, a radio show that broadcasts on KRFC-FM in Colorado. He put in many years as a business muckety-muck, a career highlighted by spending an entire day with wrestling legend Sgt. Slaughter and William “The Refrigerator” Perry. So honored by being placed into a “Cobra Clutch” by Sgt. Slaughter, JB hasn’t washed his neck since.


JB’s turn-ons include mosh pits, second encores and hidden bonus tracks. His turn-offs are rudeness, people who can’t pronounce “lackadaisical” and smooth jazz.


A native of New York, JB spent his formative years loitering at CBGB, Max’s Kansas City and Bleecker Bob’s, and yelling “BOSTON SUCKS!” at a young Bruce Brodeen during Yankee games.


JB's e-mail is





Copyright 2010, Tribe of the Original Rockers, LLC.  

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