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If this is true to the title, you can shut the front door, and call this list over.

A tie between Journey and Toto.  Talented musicians?  Hell yes.  Soulless dreck?  So slick that you couldn't get a stylus to stay in the grooves of their records?   Check.  Check.   As for Exhibit A, I point out that the cast of "Glee" is featured doing a Journey song (I only saw it because my wife turned the set to that...).   Which of the two is Worse?   Choose between Africa or Don't Stop Believing.  That is like Sophie's Choice, without the angst. These guys make Asia look good.  Ow. 

(If you meant they were big and just disappointed, then any "super group.") 

And Harry, thanks for allowing me to Vent.  (I will address your nomination of the Eagles in a future response.)

Stan, I love Journey! :<) For real, not goofing or for irony's sake here.
I have their LPs from pre-Steve Perry (re-packaged as a double album with the sufficiently pompous title of "In The Beginning") thru Frontiers (?.."Separate Ways", that one...)
Saw them play out twice, once opening for the Stones...pretty good live.
Of course, I also saw Asia play out, and have that album......and I love Glee....

Eagles Response No. 2:  Already Gone was rightfully a staple of AM radio.  Great, great song.  To quote the boys as it applies this topic..."Alright, nighty night."

Eagles response No. 1:  Randy Meisner's contributions are some of the best work the band did, especially this one.  Harry.  Listen to the production values [the addition of chiming guitars especially], vocals, and guitar playing.  Plus this is just a damn fine song.  Hotel California is really a hallmark disk for them--writing, production, etc.  

Vanilla Fudge


Vanilla Ice.

Sorry RHCPs, I meant Bon Jovi

System of a Down

Limp Bizkit


Blink 182

Sum 41

Marylin Manson


All briefly popular in the late 90's-early 2000's. Just some God awful music.

They're not the Beatles but Blink 182 absolutely does not belong in this grouping.

They have pop songs with hooks! (Some do....they're OK by me....)

Maroon 5

matchbox 20

REO Speedwagon


Bon Jovi

Jefferson Starship

Air Supply

Yeah but Roll With The Changes still kinda does the first Matchbox 20 album...and "She Will Be Loved" is tolerable ;<)


My uncle (rip) used to refer to them as Oreo Shitwagon

Jon...early REO up to and including NINES LIVES is quite good....then they sold out with just plain dreck!!! 

Bard nailed it with Jefferson Starship and Air Supply. I would add The Greatful Dead


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