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18.04.2009 record store day 9
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Sure, the family may not care about all that awesome stuff you scored at the record store.  But we do!

In this thread, let's post our prizes from the latest record store expedition.  For extra fun points, put yourself on video, upload to Youtube (or your fave video host) and embed it here.  (To embed, just drop the embed code into your message.)

Ok, let's do this.

So, Whaddya Buy????

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Just got back from buying some used records. Here is what I returned with.

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon

Starz - ST ( "check out" person thought it strange that a Buckley fan would buy a Starz lp )

Bangles - ST (debut ep, good stuff!)

Bangles - All Over The Place ( paisley pop )

Faster Pussycat - ST

Salty Dog - Every Dog Has Its Day

Circle - Arkades (Finnish band)they describe themselves as the "new wave of Finnish Heavy Metal" (NWOFHM)

           I can not tell if they are joking or not. I downloaded their lp "Hollywood" and I highly recommend it. It is a 

           strange band that does not fit nicely into any box. So this new purchase by them is sure to be a surprise.

           It almost looks country.  lol!

The Dictators - Manifest Destiny

           One of many bands that I am now just starting to dig. 30 some years after the fact too. What was wrong with



Man, Manifest Destiny w/ the Dictators is a great one, no doubt.  Muddy production but the vibe is there - they really put it together on the next one w/ BLOODBROTHERS, one of THE best hard rock albums of ALL freakin' TIME!


I'm such a sucker for the first three Starz albums - I pretty much pull those out at least once a year(along w/ the 2nd and 3rd Dictators, come to think of it...)


Circle sounds very, very interesting - I'm heading off to check that out right now, in fact....

Check out "Hollywood". It is more "new school" for lack of a better term, than you typically get from me. Sort of pop, sort of kraut rock, traces of I don't know. I do know it's fun to my ears.


Great calls on the Dictators, fellas. I saw them at the Armadillo in Austin on the Manifest Destiny tour back in the summer of 1977 and they positively destroyed. Here's my favorite song off the excellent Bloodbrothers.

Yeah, "Baby" is the Dictators homage to pop, no doubt....incredibly catch but SHEEIITTT, that baby rips large, eh? 


I missed seeing them back in the day - not sure why as I was slipping into clubs all the time but I did have limited funds being a teenager with a bad black vinyl habit.


Saw boys live, finally, back in 2002 in NYC at CBGB's - was right in the front of the stage, right in front of the stage left monitor going wild.  Surprised I did not kill my ears, that night - did not have ear plugs.   There's footage on YouTube I've seen from that show where I can see myself fist pumping and air drumming and guitaring.....silly boy. 

Yeah, Bruce, I almost mentioned that "Baby Let's Twist" isn't necessarily representative of the rest of the Dictators' music. I didn't necessarily see them as punk, either, except maybe in attitude and origin. To me they were a hard rock band, with variety, complexity, and musicianship way beyond what most of the early punks could manage. Top Ten and Ross the Boss could play blistering guitar solos Johnny Ramone could only dream of. (Don’t get me wrong, though; I adored the Ramones, too, and caught them in Austin on the Leave Home tour that same summer.) BTW, it wasn’t too hard to get right down front for those shows and that’s where I was, too. I’ll never forget the thrill of being directly in front of Johnny at the Ramones show.

You're almost God like just to have stood in front of Johnny. lol! I got the same status by talking to Lemmy. lol! I think it is debatable if Johnny dreamed of playing more than a few chords. ;) ( i know what you mean)
I'm sort of partial to Minnesota Strip....(hmmmm...MN boy) Do you guys ever get a chance to listen to Handsome Dick on Lil' Steven's underground garage? He is pretty entertaining.
Sheeit..the whole damn record is pretty damn near perfect!
That sounds fun; have you a link?

Oh, the gods were right before my eyes, believe you me. I mentioned Johnny, but I was equally taken by the other three as well: Joey's pushing the mic stand to 45 degrees and leaning right into it, Dee Dee's "one-two-three-fours," and Tommy's head appearing to float above his shoulders, his lips in a kind of inhaling circle, his right hand almost impossibly fast. You felt like you were inside a room with a gigantic buzzsaw roaring crystal clear and nonstop for an hour. This show herehere, and here in London a few months after I saw them kind of helped me relive it, even though it was in a much larger venue. (Suggestion: don headphones.)

It must have been supernatural to talk to Lemmy. What did he say? What did you?

Me: Lemmy!

Lemmy: 'ello mate...You'll be here for the show later?

Me: Fuck yes! (or something like this)

I must say I was star struck. I would have had the same reaction to any of the Ramones!

It was so many years ago. I think Johnny Thorston may have been with me..? We got to 1st ave. in Minneapolis early and his limo pulled up as we were going' into the club. A little later he stopped by a pinball machine we were playin'. I wish I could remember more but I was really into to getting loaded in those days. ( sex, drugs, rock n roll mentality )


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