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Living a Large Ass Life a/k/a I Do NOT Heart Michael Bolton!

Nor am I too lazy to post a profile picture. I'm just so frigging out of shape that I would be embarrassed if anybody here saw what I currently looked like. There, I said it...a riot is an ugly thing, and it is about time we had one.


Now I'm going to go ride my exercise bike and have a brimmin' bowl of cottage cheese for breakfast.

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What music do you work out to..I need new tunes.

actually a new mix that makes the treadmill win over the easy chair (with 10 back to back episodes of Big Band Theory)

Lately, I've just been putting my songza station on and riding to that. pretty much everything I put on there has a good beat. Power Pop:Ilkster's Choice is the name of my station. My band name is Eric Collins & His Ilk, so that makes me the Ilkster.

I made a comp several years back that I rode a lot to...tracks included:

Oh! No the Radio by Owsley

I Went Electric by Bill Lloyd

Amnesia by the Rubinoos

Losing My Touch by Billy Bremner

She's So High by Tal Bachman

Baby It's Tonight by Jude Cole

Fifty Years After the Fair by Aimee Mann

Terry by Farrah

Parklife by Blur

Let the Day Begin by the Call

Ursula in a Waiting Room by Martin Newell

Mayor of Simpleton by XTC

Night Writer by the Rooks

Everywhere She Goes by Richard X Heyman

Miss July by Brad Jones

Live Like a King by P Hux

Whisper Softly by Myracle Brah


Just fun, upbeat stuff, but not any certain beats per minute.

Will check these out, my biggest hurdle is a combo of ADD and boredom with the routine.

My  gym /walk mix now has

 The  Black Keys, Beats Antique, Tom Petty, The Police, The Clash, The Ramones, Vampire Weekend, Elvis C , Eugene Edwards and if all that weren't schizophrenic enough of a combo...Asleep at the Wheel's Bob Wills tribute album sprinkled throughout..

My mantra is "just get through THIS song.."

had not used Songza before, a great app, love all the playlists

Eric this list is so damned good...that half of it that I already did definitely convinces me to check out the lother half that I haven't heard or heard of yet, b/c you see to be mining my wheelhouse here, but a special shout out for the digging of Jude Cole!!

I'd always wished he'd done more.

(although to be honest, the long-awaited 3rd album was a huge step down for me from the first 2, so maybe it's for the best...)

Baby It's Tonight is great

I assume you've heard his great tune that has Sam Llanas of the BoDeans singing along with him (Just Another Night)


Post-recording career (kinda sadly, perhaps?)...I saw him doing a gig as an interviewer (music beat) on the tv show Extra one time  (???)


Tidbit: the singer for the Call (r.i.p.) is the Dad of the singer for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I want to thank you for putting P Hux back on my radar.

Man if there was ever a candidate for the "what ever happened to" file.

I know him as Parthenon Huxley, author of the '80s 1-hit wonder tune "Double Our Numbers", then he disappeared for a long while...

Seriously, check out this guy's discography:

I mean, one album in the 80s, then one in the 90s?

What gives?

Too bad....but I'm digging this Deluxe album now, so it's all good...


Thanks Harry...always nice to know I have a few musical blood brothers out there!  


Where P Hux mainly disappeared to was "The Orchestra," i.e. the other half of ELO that continued to tour apart from Jeff Lynne's version. Bev Bevan created "ELO Part II" and some other original ELO members bounced in and out. Eventually, they changed the name to "The Orchestra," Bev retired, and and P Hux joined on guitar and vocals. They tended to tour a lot in South America and Eastern Europe, for some reason.  Here's a clip of P Hux singing an original song with them:

He also did a power trio CD called "VEG," with a very cool song about a strung-out friend called "Bob (Get Straight)."




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