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Remember when Fonzie Jumped the Shark in Happy Days? After that, the show had no where to go but down...

Here is my preview of bands that have run out of creative juice. Please see my blog for the full list


Stones - Tattoo You

Guns and Roses - Appetite (yes, I think they peaked then)

Rod Stewart - Blondes have more Fun (He was pretty much finished after the disco thing)

The Clash - Combat Rock



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I just re-ripped this one the other day. Much filler, especially the Linda song, but Silly Love Songs and Let 'Em In pretty much give this album a free pass IMHO. I know some rock fans hate those songs but not me...

Jumping the Shark = Bad Idea; therefore, you should equate the first terrible album by a band as the JtS point of reference.

Here are a few where the bands jumped the shark with me. Completely subjective of course:


REM - Reveal

Genesis - Duke

Roxy Music - Manifesto

The Who - Who Are You

Pink Floyd - The Wall

The Clash - Combat Rock

Yes - Drama

The Damed - Strawberries

The Stranglers - Feline

Queen - Jazz

Kiss - Dynasty

Cheap Trick - The Doctor (although they did recover several years later)

Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation

David Bowie - Tonight

REM - Reveal>>  A much better candidate than AftP referenced above.  For me those first 4 albums is the sacrosanct top shelf, then maybe a LITTLE step down from there (there had to be, that is the best run out of the gate at the start of any rock band's career ever)....but then MANY years of pretty good music followed (with some filler) Reveal is better

Genesis - Duke>> Wrong! the best post-Gabriel album

Roxy Music - Manifesto>> Roxy never jumped the shark

Pink Floyd - The Wall>> I dig it buy I see your point

Yes - Drama>> Agreed


I would agree with Pink Floyd, except I would push it back to anything post-Syd.

Boston, any  note played  after the first album released in 76.

Agree Gail....Boston had one of the best albums ever, then kaput!!!!

Good blog, great topic.  

But sorry.  The Stones were finished as soon as Woody joined.  Approx. 8 years earlier than "Tattoo"...

A few more. Just some personal choices where I jumped off.....don't need to have anyone tell me I'm wrong:

The Cars - Panorama

New Order - Brotherhood

Deep Purple - Stormbringer

Van Halen - Diver Down

PIL - This Is What You Want....This Is What You Get

Blue Oyster Cult - Spectres

Ultravox - Vienna

Bad Company - Desolation Angels

Sparks - In Outer Space

X - Ain't Love Grand

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace (came back to earth with Flaming Pie)

XTC - Oranges & Lemons

Joe Jackson - Beat Crazy

Squeeze - Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti

Nick Lowe - Pinker and Prouder Than Previous

Devo - New Traditionalists

Talking Heads - Little Creatures

Gang of Four - Hard

Psychedelic Furs - Midnight to Midnight

The Cure - The Head On The Door

Black Flag - My War

REO Speedwagon totally sold out after NINE LIVES....Springsteen sold out with BORN IN THE USA.....Klaatu sold out with ENDANGERED SPECIES (even containing a song called SELL OUT SELL OUT), but they were threatened by Capitol Records!!!

Bruce's Born in the USA feels the most commercial to me and he mostly was mid Shark after Nebraska but when he really has something to say he is on. I love My City in Ruins from The Rising. Like EC one has to pan for nuggets in recent offerings but when he hits the spot. I have only seen him twice and in recent years, 09 and in November of last year. Even though he may be hit and miss in his album work, as an artist, he remains one of the best live shows, a peak experience. 


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