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There is a group of bands that I should just out and out love, but for whatever reason, they have never risen to the lofty heights.  Not that their stuff ain’t all that, because many time it is  It is not that I don’t like them, but they remain “just friends.”  
This is not an example of what I am talking about, but is pretty damn funny nonetheless. Apologies to insulting any Joyce fans on the Trib,

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Tom Petty (with or without the Hearbreakers)

Yup I fully recognize that this guy can rock with the best, and is an elite. And I really, really like most of his material. But never "bonded" with him. No, its me. Not Tom.

Black flag.  they hit all the spots as far as a band I should love, but they just don't work for me.

Roxy Music.  I appreciate them more than I like them.

George thorogood.  I have a great distaste for his music, which is odd, because it's as utterly inoffensive as it gets.  Just really hits me the wrong way.

Thorogood:  I submit timing has a bit to do with it, as he came in and just did some opportunistic rehashing of some old-time rock and roll that was past it sell-by date....and made a mint doing it..

I can understand Black Flag.  They were a good band, and I respect them a lot, and they were fun to see live.  But there were other bands that appeared in their wake who I liked much better.

XTC and Squeeze - both overrated beyond comprehension as far as I'm concerned. 

Wow, you 2 need some serious help ;<)

The Cure is doubtless a top ten rock act of all time


Re: the rest of shermo's complaints:

B52s: awsome.

"of their time" for sure, but vital/fun early purveyors of the nu-wave/pop

Matchbox 20: first album is pretty good

Nickelback: I only know that one song "How You Remind Me" which is great, but I admit their enormity is confounding.

Also saw some treachly video of theirs where the daughter rewinds thru her whole life and sees all the bid moment she missed with her dad b/c he died young.

And...if you can find it on YouTube thee is a hilarious juxtaposition of 2 Nickelback songs played almost don't even notice, b/c they're the same song...(which is the point of the exercise)

"you 2" refes to Steph and Shermo, btw

Wilco...liked their first album A.M. alot....Being There was OK....just couldn't get into them after that. Some great songs sprinkled in over ther career, but just am not feeling it.

Radiohead....OK Computer is great...but after that, I'll pass. Don't understand the God-like worship of them.

<OK Computer is great...but after that, I'll pass>>

What about before that?

Didn't like the 1st one; "Bends" was OK.

Saw Radiohead once as an opening act c. 1996.  Thought they were terrible.  I'm still mystified at how celebrated they've become.

With the exception of Pearl Jam's first two albums, I could have done without the entire 90's grunge movement (Nirvana, Soundarden, and their ilk). While I appreciate the fact that they blew hair metal off the map and admire their lack of pretentiousness (flannel shirts, minimal use of hair care products), their endless, humorless narcissism, groaning vocals, and conspicuous lack of hooks just left me cold. 

I second that. Except I think Pearl Jam was just as bad. And I do find most of these bands pretty pretentious, in their own way


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